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Many residents of Mississippi are avid sports fans who are no strangers to placing a bet on the big game. Knowing how and where to safely do so is the only question many locals of the Magnolia State need to ask. There are federal and state laws in place which refer to sports betting and it is important to know that while it used to be unlawful to be in the business of facilitating bets (now that PASPA has been eliminated, it is only a matter of time until sports betting shops pop up in the state), it is entirely acceptable to simply make a bet, and it's easy and legal to do so using an online, offshore sportsbook.

Mississippi sports betting sites that are based outside of both federal and state jurisdiction are entirely safe and legal to use as more and more residents are coming to discover. This guide exists to help those in the Magnolia State inform themselves of what the law is, how it applies to them and where the best and safest sites are to go place wagers on their favorite teams and players.

Supreme Court PASPA Reversal Allows Legal Mississippi Sports Betting

The landmark case of New Jersey vs. NCAA has finally been decided, with the Supreme Court voting 6-3 (with Sotomayor, Bader Ginsberg, and Breyer dissenting) in favor of declaring the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992) unconstitutional. This Supreme Court PASPA reversal allows legal Mississippi sports betting to finally be regulated inside state borders by the MS government, and they have already passed their own legislation - as of 2017 - nominally legalizing the practice (HB 967).

However, MS residents will have to wait before in-state sports betting goes live, as there are regulatory and taxation-based considerations that must be debated, voted on, and signed into state law before area casinos and gambling centers will be able to offer and accept sports wagers. The online component is also currently being debated in the MS legislature, but that will probably materialize a while after actual brick-and-mortar sports betting shops are established. In the meantime, MS residents are free to continue using the legal offshore sportsbooks they're used to, as sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and others are still available to all MS residents 18 and older.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Mississippi

Betting online in Mississippi may seem difficult or even taboo at first but after a quick glance of the law, those in the state of hospitality quickly realized they may help themselves to betting action. Even though PASPA is no longer in effect, Mississippi statutes indicate that running a sports betting business is a major no-no for unlicensed entities, but it is not shown anywhere that locals are being carted off to jail because they bet $20 on the winner of the Egg Bowl with their friends. If we wish to take a step further beyond the tailgate, we are indeed able to do so, so long as it isn't an illegal underground gambling ring or an unlawful online sportsbook which is housed in some basement on U.S. soil. The sites that we recommend are safe, legal and operate outside of our own sports betting laws. And they are absolutely available to all Mississippi residents of legal betting age.

What makes these sites legal for use is the simple fact that they are located elsewhere. They are legitimate businesses which have been in successful operation for years all the while catering specifically to an American audience from within countries such as Canada. They have nothing to do with Mississippi state laws or federal legislation whatsoever and are completely exempt from having to refrain from facilitating our bets and issuing payouts.

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Best Mississippi Online Sportsbooks

We are avid sports fans and bettors ourselves who use online sportsbooks to wager on our favorite teams. After scouring the internet, there are an obvious list of sites which are better than the rest when it comes to smooth interfaces, favorable odds and reliable payouts. The sites listed below are our favorites and the ones that we have found to have the best security, privacy, customer service and betting options over all of the pretenders that exist in the online sports betting community.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is one of our favorite Mississippi online sportsbooks for a number of reasons. They are based just to the north in neighboring Canada and started out as an American company before having to move after federal regulations pushed them to continue business elsewhere. They have been hosting online sports betting for nearly two decades to rave reviews and offer every betting option through just about every sport under the sun.

This online sportsbook also has some of the strongest endorsements of any other, touting support from CBS Sports and USA Today while ESPN frequently uses their betting lines and odds to reference what's going on in the world of American sports. Payouts are consistent and reliable, and new members are rewarded upon their first deposit with a 50% increase to their funds worth up to $250 in free bets across the sportsbook.

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is another of our top picks for online sports betting in a state of the art, highly user-friendly page layout. Users can bet directly on the site from their computers or take advantage of one of the best mobile platforms in the industry to wager on anything, anytime, anywhere. Sporting the slogan "Because you can", BetOnline takes advantage of a hungry American market that is able to be online but without sites available to do so. They make no mistake about who their audience is and have the utmost in customer support, solid banking transactions and prompt payments of winnings whenever a member wishes.

This online sportsbook provides a fantastic lifetime bonus for its members as well in the form of a 25% bonus to all deposits made for the duration of membership. Entering in the promotional code 'LIFEBONUS' upon deposit will garner free cash up to $1000 in sports free plays.

5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes is a very trusted online sportsbook has been in business since the advent of the internet itself. These are the original architects of the online sportsbook and it shows. Nobody provides better customer service and satisfaction to their members as 5Dimes has some of the most favorable odds in the business covering every sport on the planet with a wide variety of wager types.

5Dimes is also unique in the sense that it offers completely free withdrawals of winnings at any time once per month which is unheard of anywhere else. Top that off with some of the most betting options of any site in the industry and Mississippi residents will be able to collect on massive payouts delivered straight to their front door without any worry or concern.

Best Sports Betting Sites For Mississippi Residents
Online Sportsbooks Bonuses Top Sports To Wager Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 50% Match To $250 NFL, College Football VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook 25% To $2,500 - Every Deposit NFL, MLB, MMA, NHL VISIT
SportsBetting Sportsbook 25% To $1,000 Match NFL, College Basketball VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% To $52 Match College Sports, NBA, MLB VISIT
BetDSI Sportsbook 50% To $500 Match NFL, College Basketball VISIT
Bookmaker Sportsbook 15% Cash Sports Welcome Bonus College Sports, NBA, MLB VISIT
Frequently Asked Questions: Sports Wagering in Mississippi

Q: How Do I Sign Up at an Online Sportsbook?

A: All of the sites which we recommend here offer signing up and registering to become a user is surprisingly quick fashion. Basic information such as name, address and email is collected and then you will be sent a confirmation email. Upon confirming, you'll be able to explore all of the betting options and make your first deposit.

Q: How Do I Make a Deposit?

A: All of the legal gambling sites for Mississippi residents listed here are accepting of major credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard and your account can be funded immediately. Age and Identity verification will be required for your own personal safety and then it's off to the races! Members can also choose to fund their accounts through bank wire transfers, money orders or even a check by courier.

Q: What Can I Bet On Once I'm a Member?

A: If you can imagine it, it is probably available. The sites which we recommend all host betting options such as player or team props, futures and even live betting while a game is unfolding. Members can bet odds, spreads, moneylines and more. Sports fans can even take a break from their favorite teams and players and wager who will be the next U.S. President!

Q: How Will I Get My Payouts?

A: Withdrawals can be made at any time with the sites that we recommend. Once you have generated a nice little bank roll for yourself, you will only need to visit the cashier section of a site and make a request of how much you would like sent to you. Each online sportsbook for Mississippi players has a variety of payment methods with check by courier being the most popular. Mississippi residents can expect a check at their front door within 10 business days.

Q: What is the Legal Age to Bet Online in Mississippi?

A: The age to bet in the state of Mississippi is 21 years old. However, since the State does not regulate land-based sports betting, they do not have an age set specifically for sports wagering. Because of this, all of the Mississippi sports betting websites that we recommend are happy to offer their services to anyone over the age of 18 years old.

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